May the Luck of the Irish be with You!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Many of you may not actually know why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The 17th of March is a religious and cultural celebration of the patron Saint of Ireland, it is believed to be the death date of Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick was born in Britain and was captured as a teenager by pirates and forced into slavery in Ireland. He escaped from slavery six years after being captured and went back to Britain to become a cleric. Eventually, he came back to Ireland as a Christian missionary and later in his life became a Bishop. He is now known as the ‘Apostle of Ireland’. Irish all over the world join together to celebrate the life of this Saint, and Portland is no different. St. Patrick’s Day in Portland is filled with fun events and we are going to give you a rundown of some activities to do nearby.


  1. St. Paddy’s Day Party at Bare Bones Cafe from 7am-9pm
  2. St. Patrick’s Day festival 2016 at Paddy’s Bar and Grill, family friendly from 10am-9:30pm
  3. Chloë Agnew ‘St.Patrick’s Day Celebration’ from 8-10pm
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Across the Land at McMenamins with live music from 5:30-10pm
  5. St. Patrick’s Day at The Eastburn with live music and yummy food, it goes from Thursday to Saturday

We hope this gives you some ideas of fun things to do in this great city. Don’t forget to wear your green. We hope that you have a fun and SAFE holiday!


Leap Year Fun Facts

Happy Leap Day!This year we have an extra day added to our calendar. For some of you, this may mean a day that you have to work for free (if you are a salaried employee). So why do we have leap day you may be thinking? We use a Gregorian calendar with 365 days in a year. We have to add a leap day every four years or we would lose almost six hours off our calendar every year. Leap year helps our Gregorian calendar stay in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.

Since leap year only comes once every four years we thought it would be fun to give you some facts about leap year.


  • If you don’t know when a leap year is just look at the last two digits of the year, if it is divisible by 4 then you know it is a leap year. For example, it is 2016 and 16/4 is 4 so there you go. 2016 is a leap year
  • If you have seen the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Gooding you may know that it is a tradition on leap day for women to propose to men. This tradition mostly exists in the UK and is still practiced today. It is also said that if a man refused a woman’s proposal he would be fined with a kiss, twelve pairs of gloves, or a silk dress
  • There are an estimated 5 million babies born on leap day. They are often called leaplings or leapers and sadly can only celebrate their real birthday once every 4 years. They usually have to celebrate February 28 or March 1.
  • February 29th is also Rare Disease Day
  • The cities of Anthony, New Mexico and Anthony, Texas are the self-proclaimed leap year capitals of the world. They have a 4 day leap year festival that includes a birthday party for all the leaplings of the world.
  • The Titanic sank during a leap year (1912), and Gold was discovered in California during a leap year (1848)


So now that you are an expert on all things leap year, we hope you all have a fun, maybe a little wacky extra day of the year. Happy leap day everyone!
Do you know any Leaplings? We would love to hear how they celebrate their leap day birthday!

Money Saving Tip!

There are a million reasons to invest in a security system for your home or business, including saving you money long term, and most importantly protecting your assets. Another benefit of investing in a security system is that most insurance companies will give you a discount on homeowners insurance.


The FBI has stated that there is a burglary every 15 seconds in the United States and homes without a security system are three times more likely to be targeted by burglars. Knowing these statistics has allowed insurance companies to see the benefit of owning a security system, which is why most companies offer a discount on homeowners insurance when there is a security system installed. Many times if the security system also includes high-tech sensors that can detect things like gas or water leaks it can prevent catastrophes that can cause large claims to be filed. Because this can save insurance companies so much money they often give an additional small percentage off of your homeowners insurance.


With the security system and the high-tech sensors you can save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance, and you can keep your home and family safe. Win, win? We think so!

Home Alone 2 Plot Happens at Portland Macy’s

‘Home Alone 2 Plot Happens at Portland Macy’s’


Recently, in Portland, a man hid under the skirt of a display table until the Lloyd Center Macy’s store closed where he then stole over $40,000 of merchandise. Macy’s security team was alerted when motion detectors went off in the store. He was caught running out of the store with a suitcase full of stolen merchandise.


If this proves anything it is that a great business security system is key to running a successful business. It can help you be aware of problems or be alerted immediately if any alarms are triggered. You can use video monitoring to check in on your employees as well as customers. You can never know what will happen but being prepared is so important and can save you a lot of money in the long run!


Cassius Clay Dasilva hid under a covered display table so he could hide from any employees or security guards checking the store to make sure it was empty. Even a video monitor would likely not be able to see him until he came out of hiding. A good security system that you can easily monitor and receive alerts from can save your business money, time, and hassle. If it weren’t for Macy’s security system alerting them that someone was in the store via motion detectors Cassius Clay Dasilva would have left the store with $40,000 worth of merchandise and Macy’s would have taken a big hit.
Commercial security systems come in all different sizes to fit your individual business needs. Whether you are a small shop with only a few employees or you are a larger business with a few stores or buildings there is a system that can fit your specific needs. Just think if only Duncan’s Toyshop (from the movie Home Alone 2) had a better security system Kevin McCallister would never have had to throw a brick through the window and the bad guys, Marv, and Harry, would have been caught a lot sooner.