Home Alone 2 Plot Happens at Portland Macy’s

‘Home Alone 2 Plot Happens at Portland Macy’s’


Recently, in Portland, a man hid under the skirt of a display table until the Lloyd Center Macy’s store closed where he then stole over $40,000 of merchandise. Macy’s security team was alerted when motion detectors went off in the store. He was caught running out of the store with a suitcase full of stolen merchandise.


If this proves anything it is that a great business security system is key to running a successful business. It can help you be aware of problems or be alerted immediately if any alarms are triggered. You can use video monitoring to check in on your employees as well as customers. You can never know what will happen but being prepared is so important and can save you a lot of money in the long run!


Cassius Clay Dasilva hid under a covered display table so he could hide from any employees or security guards checking the store to make sure it was empty. Even a video monitor would likely not be able to see him until he came out of hiding. A good security system that you can easily monitor and receive alerts from can save your business money, time, and hassle. If it weren’t for Macy’s security system alerting them that someone was in the store via motion detectors Cassius Clay Dasilva would have left the store with $40,000 worth of merchandise and Macy’s would have taken a big hit.
Commercial security systems come in all different sizes to fit your individual business needs. Whether you are a small shop with only a few employees or you are a larger business with a few stores or buildings there is a system that can fit your specific needs. Just think if only Duncan’s Toyshop (from the movie Home Alone 2) had a better security system Kevin McCallister would never have had to throw a brick through the window and the bad guys, Marv, and Harry, would have been caught a lot sooner.

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